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Mob of Mentors (MOM): The Ultimate Mentor Mash-Up!

The eagerly awaited Mob of Mentors (MOM) seminar returns! Last year’s MOM event garnered immense acclaim, and this year promises fresh perspectives, new topics, and captivating speakers.

Doors open for cocktails by PATRÓN Perfectionists Global Winners Mor Koral & Nathan Price at 2:00PM, with the seminar promptly beginning at 3:00PM.  

Key Highlights:

- Inspiring Industry Mentors: A carefully curated group of 10 brilliant industry mentors will take the stage.

- Pecha Kucha Format: Drawing inspiration from the Japanese “chit chat” concept, MOM adopts the dynamic Pecha Kucha format. Each presenter has precisely 6 minutes and 40 seconds to convey their life-altering experiences. The twist? Their visuals change every 20 seconds, ensuring a fast-paced, engaging presentation.

- Life-Altering Moments: This year’s focus centers on pivotal moments—those “aha” instances that reshaped our paths. Our mentors candidly share subjects that drastically changed their lives, offering invaluable insights.

- Fun and Digestible: The Pecha Kucha showcase isn’t just informative; it’s also entertaining. Attendees can expect a fun and easily digestible experience, making it a skill to aspire to.
Seeking Advice: Following the session, the #ASKMOM email will allow attendees to field questions and seek advice. The learning doesn’t end with the seminar; it extends into actionable steps.

- Mentoring Matters: In an industry perpetually cycling between teachers and students, these remarkable mentors play a crucial role. It’s not merely about learning from them; it’s about implementation, asking the right questions, and passing on knowledge to nurture tomorrow’s leaders.

- Evidence-Based Impact: As the National Academy of Sciences highlights, effective mentoring relationships enhance career development and productivity. While individual motivations remain mysterious, the outcomes speak volumes.

Join us at MOM—an event where transformative narratives collide with actionable wisdom. Let’s navigate crossroads together and inspire the next generation of leaders!


*Lauren Mote, PATRÓN Tequila, Global Director of On-Trade Excellence

*Ago Perrone, The Connaught, Director of Mixology


* Giorgio Bargiani, The Connaught , Assistant Director of Mixology

* Giulia Cuccurullo, Artesian, Head Bartender

* Josh Harris, Trick Dog, Owner

* Joshua Monaghan, Zapote - Rosewood Mayakoba, Beverage Director

* Julia Momose, Kumiko, Partner; Creative Director

* Julie Reiner, Clover Club, Milady's, Leyenda, Co-Owner

* Kapri Robinson, Allegory, Chocolate City’s Best, Soul Palate, E.P.I.C Experience LLC, Bartender, Founder, Co-Owner, Owner

* Kate Boushel, Barroco Group (Atwater Cocktail Club, Milky Way Cocktail Bar, Bon Délire), Director of Bars & Education

* Laura Torres, The Dead Rabbit, Beverage Director

* LP O'Brien, LP Drinks Beverage Agency and Focus on Health, Owner/ Operator

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